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We are committed to producing nothing less than world-class services. Our work process is recognized for its depth of thought, clarity of purpose, boldness of vision and impact.

Allentown Plumbing and Heating charges by the hour not by the job, although we can give you an upfront price in some cases.

Make sure your plumber is looking our for your best interests and not their profit margin. Why pay for 3 hours just because some book said that’s how long it should take. If the job takes two hours that’s what you should pay NO MORE, NO LESS!

Only hire a licensed and insured plumber, they should be registered with the State of Pennsylvania and have a PA Home Improvement Contractors Number. Here at Allentown Plumbing and Heating we are licensed and insured and our PAHICN number is PA 5664.

Did you know that if you don’t hire a licensed and insured contractor and the person gets hurt or something happens to your property, your insurance company does not have to pay on the claim.

As a team operating with the efficiencies of one powerful company, Allentown Plumbing & Heating has the knowledge and expertise to handle a full spectrum experience. You can be sure the job will be completed quickly and the work will be top-quality. Our processes are safety-oriented, environmentally sound, and cost-effective. Best of all, we can be on the road in mere hours with the high-quality supplies and skilled professionals to fix any of your problem.

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Serving Allentown, Bath, Bethlehem, Catasauqua, Easton, Emmaus, Fogelsville, Hellertown, Kutztown, Macungie, Nazareth, Northampton, Orefield and Whitehall areas.